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Chad Sims takes over on Davis bench

By Ella Johnson

Photos by Kurt Johnson


After the retirement of long-time head coach Jay Welk, this year’s Davis High boys basketball players are experiencing a new coach, Chad Sims. After working as the head coach at Weber High School for seven years, and as head coach at Northridge High for three years, Sims was recruited to Davis High.

The new coach has enjoyed his short time working with the basketball team, as well as teaching Fit for Life and drivers’ education classes.

Chad Sims is replacing long-time Davis High head basketball coach Jay Welk. (Photo by Kurt Johnson)

Chad Sims is replacing long-time Davis High head basketball coach Jay Welk. (Photo by Kurt Johnson)

“I love being here at Davis High School,” Sims said. “To be a small part of the greatest school in Utah is a lot of fun. I love the Davis High staff, students, community and especially my players.”

The basketball team has also enjoyed working with and getting to know their new coach.

“He’s awesome,” said senior Jesse Wade, a varsity team captain. “He’s a really smart coach. He knows what he’s talking about….It’s really fun to see how different coaches scheme to win and plan to win.”

Sims has always enjoyed basketball, and despite the challenges coaching offers, he enjoys his involvement with the sport.

“I have always been drawn to the game of basketball,” Sims said. “I love the competition, the skill, work and speed of the game. At times the job can be difficult, but doing something that I love to do, I never see it as a challenge.”

One of the things Sims loves the most about the game of basketball is the teamwork involved to play the sport successfully.

“I love being part of a team,” Sims said. “There is nothing more satisfying than being part of something bigger than the individual and accomplishing our team goals.”Microsoft Word - bbqpitstop instoryad3 600x100 davis

The basketball section of Coach Sims’ website is focused on teamwork working together to create a winning team. He includes the ideas of a strong desire to excel, commitment to detail, discipline, positive attitude, mental strength, collective responsibility, pride, love and friendship. These principles help create a sense of teamwork among the players and lead towards fulfilling the slogan that also appears on Sims’ website: “FAMILY — Forget About Me I Love You.”

Sims is hoping to continue coaching the boys’ basketball team.

“I plan on teaching and coaching here at Davis High as long as I can,” he said.


ellajohnson davis mugLRDavis High student Ella Johnson wrote this story as part of the Preps Utah/Nu Skin student journalism program.


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